May 31st – Laura Thurston, One Woman Band

LCM 5. 31.2014 Thurston photo


One Woman Band!

Laura Thurston plays four instruments at one time! 

        Laura Thurston is no stranger to music and poetry. Performing from a young age, Laura has recently developed her own one woman show! This Charleston, South Carolina based artist, will be playing at   

Ligonier Country Market, Saturday 5/31.  

Laura brings multi-instrumentalism to a new level! You will be enthralled when you see this lovely lady rappin’ on a suitcase kick drum with one foot and tappin’ on a tambourine with the other; all the while, hands on her guitar and mouth on her harp. On top of that, Laura then adds sweet sugary vocals to her acoustic Folk-Grass mix while giving energy and presence to capture your attention.  

  This talented musician launched her solo career in 2011 performing up and down the east coast. With her original ideas and talented executions this one woman band is sure to dazzle any audience. Laura Thurston has her own unique style from a vintage era that will enliven you and have you feelin’ fine.   

For more information please contact Laura Thurston: 707-223-1869

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Celtic Shores

Celtic Shores

A long, long time ago…a surviving clan of the ancient Celts spoke of a legend about two followers of King Arthur who vowed to carry on his mission of joy, gladness, peace and adventure in their music to the new world. The King crowned their mission and named them,…..CELTIC SHORES. “Celtic Shores” was formed in 2010 by native Pittsburgher’s, Matt Hughes and Susan Borowski. Folk tunes from Ireland and Scotland fill the air when these two musicians get together. Tradition can be heard in many of their songs, as well as the creative element in their original songs. Both Sue and Matt are accomplished musicians and songwriters and have published CD’s. This witty and whimsical duo will brighten your day and bring a smile to your face as they perform for you. For more information about “Celtic Shores” please visit them on Facebook and on Reverbnation.

Vince Brozak

VINCE BROZACK – Acoustic finger style blues guitarist

Ligonier resident VINCE BROZACK is one of Pennsylvania’s unheralded “acoustic finger style blues guitar” masters.  Vince has obtained an intensity and technical expertise many aspire to but few obtain.

For fifty years he has been studying the greats of this genre. His influences include Josh White, Robert Johnson, Doc Watson and Ry Cooder.

Vince is currently working on a new CD, is available for house concerts and performs regionally at festivals.


DruidSong is the stage name of veteran folk/Celtic musician Bruce Golightly. DruidSong presents Celtic and folk music drawn from a variety of sources. The Celtic Scottish and Irish songs run the spectrum from tragic to romantic and dramatic to comic, reflecting the Celtic view of life, love and the world in general.

In addition to exploring the Celtic musical world, DruidSong regularly returns to his days on the coffee house circuit, back in the 1960s. As embodied on the album “Back In The Day”,  DruidSong performs works from some traditional sources, along with artists such as Pete Seegar, Woody Guthrie and Peter, Paul and Mary.

DruidSong has appeared in such diverse locations as the Rivers Casino, Penns Colony Festival and the Ligonier Highland Games. Bruce plays both the six and twelve string guitar, tin whistle and bodhran. Learn more about this music at

For the Ligonier community Market, Bruce returns to his roots in the 1960s. During those days, he performed in coffee houses and clubs, singing the popular “folk” music of the day.

Terry Greene


Terry Greene started piping at a young age and has won several medals in the Eastern United States in piping competitions. He has performed for various ceremonies ranging from weddings, church services, private parties, and military funerals honoring soldiers killed in action. He is also a long-standing member of the Laurel Highlanders Pipe Band.

Terry has recently focused his art and skill on Scottish and Irish style fiddling. Using his knowledge of piping, he has transposed several tunes for the fiddle. He teaches both piping and fiddling.

Terry’s most recent accolade is winning the Novice Fiddler Competition at The Ligonier Highland Games.