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Shoppers Must Follow These Guidelines

Update:  7/9/20

Beginning May 23 and until further notice, shoppers must follow these guidelines when visiting the LCM grounds for the Saturday market as well as The Diamond Park during the Night Market:  

•   Practice social distancing. Stay at least six feet from other people. 

•   All customers should wear a protective face mask.

•   If you bring a re-usable bag, please place the items in it yourself rather than ask the vendor to do so for you.

•   Enter and exit at the four approved areas.  

•   Use the hand-washing stations provided. Stations will be available at the four entrances/exits and at the port-a-johns. Wash your hands upon entering/leaving the market and throughout your visit.  

•   Use hand sanitizer where provided. There will be hand sanitizer at the LCM’s red information tent and other locations while supplies last. Consider carrying personal hand sanitizer as well.  

•   Follow all directional signs. Stay within marked/roped boundaries. Follow the guidance of parking attendants at all times. All pedestrian aisles will be split to allow one-way foot traffic only.  

•   Don’t touch vendor foods or food products. Point to what you want, and vendors will bag it for you. Food sampling is prohibited until further notice.   

•   Pay with a credit card, debit card, or check whenever possible.  CASH is still accepted.

•   Attempt to send one family member to enter the market grounds and shop.  

•   Complete purchases and exit the market as quickly as possible. Limit your time spent at the market to promote proper social distancing and safety for incoming shoppers.