Ligonier Country Market

Ligonier Country Market Song

Ligonier Country Market Song
Chorus:  Get on the truck and grab your hat
Daddy's taking us now and there's no turning back
Got a dollar in my pocket and I'm on my way to the Ligonier Country Market
1. Look at those apples, peaches and pears
Farm fresh corn and look over there
Handmade crafts and great food to eat
Fudge and pierogies just some of the treats
2.  I'm gonna eat some sweet strawberries 
Raspberries , blackberries, and blueberries 
Can't get enough berries and I'll tell you why
I can take them home and make a great big pie
3.  Get on the truck daddy, take me home
Got a lot of great things, now my money's all gone
I'll do no more than work and sleep then
Back to Ligonier Country Market next week
Thank you Amy Clarke for this song.

Founding Board Members

Founding Board MembersWithout the founding board members our Market would not be the amazing place it is today.

Frances Austin

Eleanor Barbaras

Edward Bitzer

Harriet Clark

Anne Hewat

Thomas Hughes

William Kemper

Benjamin Lamb

Dorothy Sheridan

Ralph Shirey

Stanley Tishman

Joyce Tucker

John West

Jeanne Witman

Shepherd Witman