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Market Sprouts

In 2016, the board of directors realized that the need to educate the children attending the Market was important.  At that time, Daisy Mae played by Katie Andrews was born.  She started the program with reading to children in the garden a few weeks a year.  By 2019, the program expanded to weekly activities from Memorial Day until Labor Day and an additional mascot, Lilly Lavender played by Addison Gray was added.  Children participate in activities that include vegetable stamping, honey tasting, market scavenger hunts and more.  Both mascots spend time in the community sharing their love of the Market with children when possible.  The photo shows them riding in the Fort Ligonier Days float.

Same activities include:

Bee Hats
Sample 3 different flavors of local honey and take home a bee hat.

Corn on the Cob
It's national corn on the cob day so what does that mean?  Make a replica of corn on the cob.

Tractor Art
What is a farmer's market without the equipment of a farmer.  Make a tractor and thank a farmer.

Ice Cream Garden
Take home your own green bean seed in an ice cream cone to plant and watch it grow.

Q-tip Trees
Use Q-tips to paint the leaves of the trees while learning why leaves change colors and fall off in the fall.

April Showers Bring May Flowers.  Learn what this phrase means and color your own umbrella to take home.

Vegetable Stamping
Using different shapes of vegetables as paint brushes, decorate your own reusable shopping bag.