Vendor List

The following is a list of our vendors for the 2012 Season. This list is updated periodically with new vendors who begin late in the season. Email us or check back if the vendor you are searching for is not on this list.

A Gardener’s Art   Works Karen Sandorf
Advangardists Stephen Trant
Amenity Plant Products Guy & Tracie Metzler
Annabelle Books Paul E LaViolette
Antiqued Country Jennifer Penrose
Arnold’s Sugar Camp Betty Arnold
Aroma Italiano Carlo
ARTechniques- ExpressiveLetter   Photography Amy Roadman
Athena Garden Inc Cliff Dupill
B&W Creations Bonnie & Wayne Davis
Pamela Jean Werner
Bad Girl Burrito EliseWells
Bardine’s Country Smokehouse Robert Bardine
Bath Avenue Sharon Wiant
Battaglias Catering Tony Shepler
Billy’s Country Smokehouse Shirley Stana
Bird Abodes Linda Halchak
Blue Birch Bakery Manda Welch
Brennan’sCovy Charms John & Jan Brennan
Bubbys Pet Boutique Jamie Filosemi
Canine Confections Tricia Brown/Georgann Saylor
Celtic Craft and Quillery by Patrice Patrice Ferlan
Christian W. Klay Winery
Christina’s Pastries Christina Romeo
Cinco De Mayo Salsa Arturo Vizznett
CJM Creations Jen Lesko
Clifford Dunmyer Clifford Dunmyer
Clover Creek Cheese Cellar David & Terry Rice
Coffee’s Woodworking Designs Justin Coffee
Colaizzi Brothers Steve & Sheryl Colaizzi
Country Cupboard Kathy Moore
Country Delights Margret Winters
County Line Woodworks Robert Tronzo
Crimson Creek Apiaries LLC Linda & Norman Lachimia
Custom Coin Jewelry David Couts
Darlington Inn Elizabeth Kasta
Daughertys Orchards John Daugherty
DC Humming Byrd Art by Design Donna Charlesworth
Dragonfly Collectables Mary Lou Myers
Edible Kneads Melinda Smidga
Ellie’s Sewing Crafts Ellie McBride
Enrico Biscotti Larry Lagattuta
Faithful Calliraphy Ginny Barnett
Fantastic Fotographica Robert Frye
Fortiter Farm Andy McAllister
Fosbrinks Four Seasons Josh Fosbrink
Friendship Farms
Fused Earth Amy Meade
Gongaware & Plyer Louanne Gongawore & Joyce McLaughlin
Gosia’s Pierogies Charlotte/Terry Smith
Grace Pottery Kathleen Sansfield
Granny Earth Charllote Weiland
Hals Wood Shop Hal Kester
Hand Hewn Bowls Jerome Butina
Hauer Woodworking ToddHauer
Hooktastic Designs Lauren Etling
Jakes Greens Lynda Jakes
Jamison Farm John & Sukey Jamison
Joy Faith Soaps LLC Joy Faith
Judy Willman Judy Willman
Ken’s Brick Oven Breads Kenneth Leah
Keystone Gamebirds Carolin Hoefer
La Prima Espresso Company Sam Patti
Lady Linda’s Heirloom Fashions Lynda Garrod
Lakeside Glass Jewelry Christina Long
Lamb’s Ear Farm Bonnie Painter
Laughlins Natural Foods Cathy Laughlin
Laurel Highlands Leather Wayne McLaughlin
Laurel’s Leather Cafting Laurel Burkhart
Leighty Produce Domer Leighty
Lentz Greenhouse Tootie Lentz
Let it Grow Randy & Chris Pritts
Ligonier’s Loft Cheryl Robertson
Little Hollow Garden John  & Diane Kellner
Liz Stanczyk Liz Stanczyk
Logan Family Farms Joann Logan
Lois Lydick Lazarchik Lois Lydick Lazarchik
Lydick’s Farm Faye Lydick
Maple Run Farm Joseph Zook
MCR Gregg McChesney
Mediterra Bakehouse Nick Ambelions
Mill View Woodworks Jeff Lockard
Miller’s Woodworking & Fabric Crafts Don & Ruby Miller
Miss Pennywinkles Soaps and Such Mary Catherine Gregg
Myriams Table Catering Lisa Houser
Old Linn Runn Coffee Bean Roastery Kandi Newell, Dave Cramer
Out of the Fire
Passion Bakery Susanna Barr
Paul Bagnall Paul Bagnall
Paul Bunion Maple Syrup Molly Enos
Pea Soup & Barbara Golden Design Nicloe & Barbara Golden
Peace, Love & Hoopiness Becky Seigh & Derek Edwards
Pitaland Inc. Aziz Kazour
Pleasantrees Kathy Stanislaw
Polombas Pizzelles William Polomba
Pond Valley Farm Crafts Carrie Brown
Prairie Roots Pottery Ann Gravelle
Pretty Soaps by Phyllis Phyllis Geletka
Purse Cat Lee Smead
Quilts by Jim Mikula Jim Mikula
Raggz Fiber Art Toni Ritchey
Re-Creations Susan Hrubes
Red Arrow Farms John Wandrisco
Reeger’s Farm Mary Masterson
Ridgeview Acres Farm Sally & Bob Ambrose
Rocky Acres Farm David P Romano
Rosalin Harkcom Rosalin Harkcom
Rose Family Farm Craig Rose
Salsa Sisters Linda Sinemus and Margery Schell
Sand Hill Berry Robert Shilling
Schramm Farms & Orchard Larry
Serendipity Dip Mixes Nicole Nickischer
Sharin Hope Catering Sharon Detar/ Hope Neiderhiser
Sharon’s Nut Rolls Sharon Smith
Simply Amish Penny Tennette
Steel Penny Cakes Robert & Elisia Smith
Stone House Mixes Jennifer Hoffman
Stonebridge Woodworking Adolphus Hess
Stonehaus Farm Diane, Bob & Sarah Reintgen
Taylor Stained Glass Caroline Taylor
The Artique Gallery Jim & Laura Argenbright
The Berry Patch Brenda Carter
The Dog Side of the Moon Andrew  Johnson
The Humberger Billie & John Humberger
the Nature Printer Ruth (Dolly) Queer
Tina Lees Country Candles Tina Schtltheis
Town’s Edge Farm Deborah Snyder
Truly Wize Gluten Free Bakery Caren Sandorf
Turn Around Designs by Amy Johnston
VanGrouw Family Farm Carolyn Van Gouw
W/W Creations Andrea Wagner
Waking Bear Studio Martha Murphy
Walnut Hill Winery
Wilkinson Hardscapes & Container   Nursery John Wilkinson
Wire Creations By Judy Judith Treskovich
Witt’s Perennial Nursery Donald & Eileen Witt
Words of Great Reward Lynn Friedberg
Ye Old Kettle Korn Robert Schriber
Zippity Doodads Merrian Grant